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Energy Research at Georgia Tech

Few sectors affect the prosperity of every sphere of economic and social life or exert as much direct influence on general technological progress than energy. Concerns surrounding cost, reliability, security, and the environment, have brought the development of a clean and diverse portfolio of energy supplies to the forefront of the national conversation.

Founded in 2004, the Strategic Energy Institute provides an institutional framework for long-term collaboration in energy research. Connecting resources and expertise across Georgia Tech and in the broader energy community, the Institute serves as a hub for promoting greater understanding and better solutions to our most complex energy and environmental challenges.  These include concerns such as the efficiency of fuel extraction and production; the disposal or storage of energy waste byproducts; and the environmental impacts caused by use of fossil fuels, such as carbon dioxide and other pollutants.

As the nation’s largest engineering program, Georgia Tech is playing an integral role in developing the technologies that are enabling companies worldwide to make better, cleaner decisions about how they generate, distribute, and use energy. Scientists at Georgia Tech are not just helping to create cleaner, more efficient fuel options or mitigate the environmental impact of conventional energy supplies, they are creating better performing, more economically viable energy options.

We invite you to explore the people and projects as well as the science and technologies that are creating a clean energy future.

Tim Lieuwen
Executive Director

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