Strategic Energy Institute Request for Proposals

The Convergence of Electricity and Transportation

The primary energy sources that underpin electricity and transportation systems are almost entirely independent of one another. Despite meaningful research strides, these two “energy ecosystems” barely overlap in the marketplace. Transportation remains almost completely dependent upon petroleum, but technology advances, cost-declines, and environmental constraints are bringing forward electric technologies that can meet a larger share of society’s transportation needs. As transportation electrifies, these two ecosystems will grow increasingly interconnected.    

This seed funding call focuses on the convergence of electricity and transportation, including fundamental science, technology, policy, economic, and regulatory issues required to accelerate this convergence and ensure it is done well.  This seed funding call is a joint call between the Strategic Energy Institute and its affiliated Energy, Policy, and Innovation Center (EPICenter). Applicants are encouraged to look at previous projects funded through EPICenter on the center's website.

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